Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Home With The Help Of A Kansas City Pest Control Company

Your local Kansas City pest control service can remove all kinds of pests from your property. This includes rodents and many types of wildlife. You also will not have to worry about annoying insects like silverfish. Here is more about these nasty insects and why professional exterminators are the best way to get rid of them.

Silverfish are tiny insects that average only about one half an inch long. They have long antennae and are nocturnal creatures, and are silver in color. Just like cockroaches, you may not see these insects in daytime. They like to come out in darkness and will run away once you turn on the lights.

Silverfish can live just about anywhere in your house. They are sometimes referred to as carpet sharks or fish moths. You may find them in the basement or attic. They also like dark areas like closets and underneath sinks and vanities. In fact, they are often drawn to areas with plumbing leaks and high humidity.

Fish moths like to eat things that are sweet in nature, like sugar and carbohydrates. They are also fond of the cellulose in wood and wood products. They may attack food items and all kinds of things found inside and outside the home.

If you notice Silverfish in the house it is important to take immediate action. Once they become infested they can be difficult to get rid of and almost impossible without professional help. They may nest behind the walls and adults can live for as long as eight years.

When you need a professional exterminator, choose one that uses low impact and low toxicity methods. This insures that children and pets are not harmed, and the local environment is not affected. The best Kansas City pest control companies pride themselves on customer service and will do their best to keep your home free of all types of pests.

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